Why You Should Hire a Bouncy Castle from Blast Entertainment

There are plenty of reasons to hire from Blast Entertainment. First and foremost, this is a company that focuses on providing services all year round, 7 days a week. So even if you wish to have a party on Sunday, you can still get bouncy castle fun and entertainment! There’s even an opportunity to have overnight hire if that’s what you need to make your evening event a real success.

Bouncing castles are fun for kids and adults alike, but safety concerns are fairly natural. That’s why Blast Entertainment strives to make sure that you will be able to enjoy your bouncy castle hire with as little stress as possible. They deliver the bouncy castles themselves with qualified owner-operators to get you all set up. There’s no stress in trying to figure out how to get everything operational in a safe manner. This is already done for you.

Bouncy castle hire shouldn’t have to be a complicated affair — and Blast Entertainment agrees. That’s why they focus on giving you a safe and clean inflatable bouncy castle to use as you wish. It’s made from commercial grade PVC, not cheap mesh. That means that you get a quality product from the very beginning. Unlike other services that use the same bouncing castles over and over again, you are getting a product that is replaced regularly. When you have not only your children but other people’s children to think about, safety is something that has to be addressed from the very beginning.

Even if you’re not looking for bouncing castles, there’s still something you can use for your business: air dancers! These are the perfect way to get the word out about a big sale, or just to announce a new business. It’s completely up to you to figure out what you honestly want to do.

Blast Entertainment is incredibly flexible and offers prices that are highly competitive within the industry. When you honestly look at all of the services that Blast Entertainment provides, you at least owe it to yourself to check them out! Why not start today?

What Is Involved When Hiring a Bouncy Castle?

Bouncy Castle Hire

If you’ve decided to pursue bouncy castle hire in Auckland, you’ve definitely made the right decision. You really will find that bouncy castle hire is one of the best ways to keep a crowd’s attention — especially when the crowd is made up of small children. They will truly enjoy that you’ve given them something that they can really enjoy for hours.

However, a good bouncing castle isn’t just for small children — teenagers and even adults can get in on the fun. You just need to figure out what is involved when hiring a bouncy castle.

First and foremost, you want to figure out what date you really need the castle. If you can schedule in advance, this is the best way of really making sure that you will have your chosen date for bouncy castle hire reserved properly. There are times where last minute cancellations can mean that you get a different date, but you really don’t want to count on this.

From here, the next thing that you really need to make sure that you do would be to figure out what size you’re looking for. If you have a small party or small children, then one of the smaller models would be just fine. However, if you are going to have adults or teenagers bounce along, you will want to make the appropriate upgrade.

Once you get the bouncy castle of your choice and have it delivered, you’ll need to set it up. Make sure that you try to go for a flat spacious area with no sharp objects. A ground sheet will keep the bouncy castle from getting dirty.

You just unroll the bouncy castle and get the blower tubes to the back. Then you connect the blower to the tubes at the back, and begin to let the blower inflate the castle.

As long as the blower is running, you will have no problem keeping the bouncy castle inflated while the kids are playing. You have to also strap the castle down with pegs to keep it from moving around with the wind.

That’s about all you have to worry about when it comes to setting up your new bouncy castle — how easy is that?

Blast Entertainment – Your One Stop For Kids Parties

Bouncy Castle Hire Auckland

When you have a birthday coming up for one of your children, chances are high that you really want to make it one to remember. Instead of just going with the same classic things that parents do for kids parties, why not think outside of the box by going with bouncy castle hire?

This is just one service that Blast Entertainment offers. The company prides itself on providing a wide list of entertainment items for hire, which means that your children aren’t going to be bored during their next birthday party. Your children will truly love the wide range of party entertainment items you can hire from Blast Entertainment

Why not start with candy floss machine hire? These machines not only look awesome and can be a feature of the party but they obviously provide party guests with delicious coloured candy floss. We understand most parents are trying to limit the amount of sugar their children have, however this is a great special treat item for your child’s birthday and parents can easily reduce serving portions as required.

A pirate ship bouncy castle can be appealing to both boys and girls alike, which will mean that the kids won’t be bored at the party in any way. They’ll be able to get out some of that excess energy that comes from being excited about the party. A pirate bouncy castle  hire could also be the starting point for the events ‘pirate theme’. Children could come in fancy dress, play pirate party games and snack on pirate themed foods.

Bouncy castle hire in Auckland provides entertainment that can go on all evening — you can even arrange overnight hire so your children and their guests can enjoy the bouncy castle for longer.

If you choose Blast Entertainment, you’re going to be getting quality entertainment items at a very competitive price. Sure, there are other options available to you, but are they going to have safety in mind? Are these providers licensed and trained operators? Are they going to deliver your bouncy castle? Where your children’s safety is concerned it is definitely worth doing your research.

As well as complying with all of the aforementioned points, Blast Entertainment  carries appropriate industry-standard insurance, to ensure you can relax while your children enjoy hours of entertainment with a bouncy castle hire from Blast!